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For sale Kehidakustány Building lot
840 m2Space 0 Rooms
3 500 000 HUFPrice
273457ID number
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Good Public transport

I am offering for sale an 883 m2 construction area within easy reach of the Kehida Thermal Spa and Adventure Bath.
Utilities on the plot!
We include real estate or even motor vehicles at appropriate value.
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Kehidakustany is located in the northern part of Zala County, on the north-south valley of the Zala River, on the two shores of the river (Kehida in the west, Kustány in the east).
It is only 19 km from Lake Balaton.

The main sights of the village:
Kehida Thermal Spa and Adventure Bath: Certified calcium-magnesium bicarbonate water is classified as sulfuric medicinal water, contains no radon. It is recommended against locomotor disorders, gynecological diseases, nervous system disorders, dermatological problems.

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